We can do better than just slow down global warming. We can stop it. This book shows how.

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Increasing the organic matter in the world's soils is the only practical and cost-effective way to stop the worldwide catastrophe of global warming. By switching to sustainable energy sources that don't add carbon to the atmosphere, we can keep global warming stopped.

Yet these proven solutions are poorly understood, scattered among specialties, and surrounded by confusion and conflict. Priority One shows how to combine these already working solutions so we can stabilize the world's climate, bolster lagging economies, and enhance human health.

The fossil fuel marketers and their allies would like you to believe that global warming is not happening, or is not dangerous, or that it is inevitable. None of it is true, and Priority One shows why.

What others have said about this controversial and original book:

"Yeomans is uniquely experienced in fertility-enhancing agriculture and meteorology. An innovative approach to combating global warming . . . essential reading." ----Rob Borbidge, 35th Premier of Queensland, Australia

"Through fossil fuel burning and land management that accelerates soil organic matter breakdown, we are releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is being fixed by growing plants. Clearly we must reverse this to avoid the inevitable devastating climate change. This book lays out a way to do this that has so far been surprisingly neglected by most scientists and environmentalists." ----Stuart Hill, Foundation Chair of Social Ecology, Western Sydney University

"Priority One is a refreshingly original approach to the problems of global warming, backed with convincing facts and figures, and highlighting the role of soil as a carbon sink. Yeomans gives compelling reasons for dismissing swamps and rainforests as carbon sinks. Our true savior may be soil humus of agricultural lands, and simple techniques to build soil fertility." ----Greg Retallack, Professor of Geological Sciences, University of Oregon

"Yeomans is no tree hugger, no rubber stamp for amateurs who assemble just enough facts on the environment to be dangerous. . . . Priority One knows the meaning of the word priority, and it pursues the topic with rare energy." ----Charles Walters, editor of Acres USA

"Priority One may hold the answer the world now needs for the prevention of global warming." ----Harry Messel, retired Professor of Physics, University of Sydney

See a pdf (68K) of the Two Nines Table here (right click and Save As to download). This table shows the increase in soil organic matter, country by country, that would be required to bring atmospheric carbon dioxide levels down to 299 parts per million.

Australian edition published 2005 by Keyline Publishing (you can view the text online from this site)

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